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Today our institute is located in the center of the Technology Park in Warnemünde. With its three chairs for Laboratory Automation, Process Measurement and Control & Simulation, the IAT is devoted to interdisciplinary research topics from the fields of Life Sciences and Maritime Technologies.

The employees of the Institute of Automation work successfully on a number of projects financed by research grants. Here the close connection of the Institute to SME and major industry plays an important role.

In addition to the scientific and technical employees financed by a state budget, a number of employees financed by research grants are also employed at the Institute.

Several major projects with national and international partners have developed from the application-oriented research results at the Institute. This trend was taken into account with the establishment of the application-oriented professorship for Laboratory Automation. more...

Events & Activities


Status Seminar 2014 der Junior Research Group LSA-Systems & Process Technologies

Status Seminar 2014 der Junior Research Group Life Science Automation - Systems and Process Technologies

Am 2. Juli 2014 fand das Statusseminar 2014 der Junior Research Group Life Science Automation - Systems and Process Technologies in Warnemünde statt.
Auf dem Programm standen folgende Vorträge:
9:00 a.m.Prof. Dr. K. Thurow Opening / Introduction to the celisca Concept Part I Life Science Processes – Applications and Solutions 9:20...[more]

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Vorschulgruppenbesuch der Kita „Am Schwanenteich“

Vorschulgruppenbesuch der Kita „Am Schwanenteich“
Im Rahmen eines Vorschulprojektes der GGP-Kindertagesstätte „Am Schwanenteich“, besuchte die Vorschulgruppe 2013/2014 am 28.11.2013 celisca. Das Ziel des Projektes war es, den Kindern einen Einblick in die Arbeitswelt ihrer Eltern zu verschaffen und dabei auch die Vielseitigkeit der verschiedenen Berufe zu vermitteln. Für den Besuch bei celisca standen die Tätigkeiten und das Umfeld von...[more]

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11th International Forum Life Science Automation, Rostock, 11.-13.09.2013

Im Mittelpunkt des diesjährigen 11th International Forum Life Science Automation, das vom 11.-13.09.2013 in Rostock stattfand, standen neben Lösungen für eine automatisierte Zellkultivierung vor allem Fragen der Human-Machine Interfaces. Kollegen aus den USA und Repräsentanten verschiedener Forschungsunternehmenstellten ihre aktuellen Forschungsergebnisse vor und diskutierten gemeinsam über zukünftige internationale Forschungsprojekte.[more]

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New Publications

Swangnetr, M.; Kaber, D.; Vorberg, E.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.:

Identifying Automation Opportunities in a Life Science Process through Operator Task Modeling and Workload Assessment. Proceedings oft he 5th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics AHFE 2014. 19.-23.07.2014, Krakow (Pl),  pp.6248-6255

Liu, H.; Stoll, N.; Junginger, S.; Thurow, K.:

A New Approach to Battery Power Tracking and Predicting for Mobile Robot Transportation Using Wavelet Decomposition and ANFIS Networks. Proceedings, Robio 2014, 5.-10.12.2014, Bali (Indonesia), pp.

Liu, H.; Stoll, N.; Junginger, S.; Thurow, K.:

Mobile Robotic Transportation in Laboratory Automation: Multi-robot Control, Robot-Door Integration and Robot-Human Interaction. Proceedings, Robio 2014, 5.-10.12.2014, Bali (Indonesia), pp.

Lehmann, R.; Thurow, K.; Weippert, M.:

Human vs. Machine in Life Science Automation: Comparing Effectiveness of Manual and Automated 3-D Cell Culturing Processes. In: Rebelo, F.; Soares, M. (Eds.): Advances in Ergonomics In Design, Usability & Special Populations. Part II. Published by the AHFE Conference 2014, pp. 45-52, ISBN: 978-1-4951-2107-4

Fleischer, H.; Vorberg, E.; Behrend, D.; Warkentin, M.; Thurow, K.:

Method Development and Automation for the Determination of Calcium and Phosphorous in human materials. Proceedings, 5th IMEKO TC19 Symposium Environmental Instrumentation and Measurement, 23.-24.09.2014, Chemnitz (D), pp.

Kumar, M.; Stoll, N.; Stoll, R.; Thurow, K.:

A Stochastic Framework for Robust Fuzzy Filtering and Analysis of Signals - Part II. In: IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics. In print (DOI: 10.1109/TCYB.2014.2329192)

Holzmüller-Laue, S.; Göde, B.; Thurow, K.:

LIMS-BPMS-Coupling: A novel Approach for flexible End-to-End Workflow Automation in Life Science Laboratories – Part 2. American Laboratory, 46 (6) (2014), pp.

Holzmüller-Laue; Göde, B.; Fleischer, H.; Thurow, K.:

Improved compliance by BPM-driven workflow automation. Journal for Laboratory Automation, in print

Holzmüller-Laue, Göde, B., Thurow, K.:

A BPM based Approach of of Human Task Support Within Automated Workflows. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. 300 (2014), pp. 117-128 (DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-08491-6_10)

Brand, L. H.; Henneges, C.; Schüssler, A.; Kolukisaoglu, Ü.; Koch, G.; Wallmeroth, N.; Hecker, A.; Thurow, K.; Zell, A.; Harter, K.; Wanke, D.:

Erratum: Screening for protein-DNA interactions by automatable DNA-protein interaction ELISA. PLo SONE, 9 (1) (2014), (DOI: 10.1371/annotation/57c9046c-1549-445c-8733-d0b2cccc5bb9)

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